Friday, April 30, 2004

posted by CHRIS - 5:38 PM

“Where has James gone?” cry the fans of this site.

Well fear not faithful followers, James is alive and well. He is just on a little hiatus, for he has ventured into the bar industry. Yes sports fans, our leader has taken a job at a bar. He is the big man at the door that tells us we aren’t on “THE LIST”. But that being said, I’m sure he will grace us with a post soon. If not, I will have to fly my happy ass to the “Windy City” and beat him over the head with a bottle of the cheapest tequila that he would never drink.

Now, on to sports...

The NBA playoffs are starting off with much less drama than expected. Most of the series seem to be well in hand for the top seeds, if they haven’t won already.

I was greatly disappointed in the Houston Rockets. They looked as if they didn’t want to win the series, let alone compete with the Los Angeles Lakers (losing the series 4-1). Now, my only hope is that the Spurs can beat Los Angeles.

The one series that has lead up to its hype is the Miami Heat vs. the New Orleans Hornets; with the home team winning all of the games thus far (series is tied 2-2). These two teams have exemplified playoff basketball. They are playing each game as if it was their last.

Speaking of playoffs, has anyone else noticed that the NHL playoffs are even on? They are even in the second round.

The only reason I noticed was due to the coverage on Sportscenter (which, by the way, my cell phone ringer is the Sportscenter theme song). The word must be out, because the NHL playoffs are getting some greatly improved ratings over the last few years.

Well sports fans... that’s going to have to be all for now, I’m at work and I should probably sell some shoes...

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