Friday, April 16, 2004

posted by CHRIS - 3:30 PM

I see how it is...

My modem fries and all of the sudden it's open season on Skippy bashing.

Yes, my team sucked it up over the last two games and took themselves out of the playoffs.

Yes, the Mariners are about as pathetic as the Sonics.

I want football season to start soon; at least I have some hope for my Seahawks.

...but fear not my faithful readers. Unless Dell screws me, I will be back on-line soon. So here's a toast to a summer of futile baseball. Hey! At least i'll have my own beer vendor, so I won't have to feel the pain of all the Mariner losses this season... as much.


(Editor's note: to assist all you Mariners fans in quenching the feelings of discontent inside you, I provide you with this link to U.S.S. Mariner swabby Derek Zumsteg's Guide to Drinking Around SafeCo... aptly sub-titled "Get Lit for Little". And if nothing else, it's good for a laugh (I mean really good, even if you're like me and not a drinker.) when you need one as your team is on the road and the lowly, AROD-less Rangers are thumping them. As always, use this information wisely, responsibly, and often as long as the Mariners keep playing Willie Bloomquist and Kevn Jarvis.)

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