Tuesday, April 06, 2004

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All I have heard all week is how the Utah Jazz have had a great season even if they aren’t going to make the playoffs. Well here’s the deal... THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFF’S YOU IDIOTS. I’ll break it down nice and easy for you over the next few paragraphs so all you “experts” can understand it.

We’ll start with Denver...

With five games left in their season, Denver not only has to play Portland (one of the three teams fighting for the eighth seed), but also Sacramento (currently leading the Pacific Division) and San Antonio.

However, Denver does have a chance to capture the last playoff spot. Houston has played horribly lately, winning only three of the last ten games, including the last four. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Houston beat out of the playoffs by the Jazz and Denver.

Here are my predictions for the rest of Denver’s schedule:

Wed 7th @ Phoenix WIN
Fri 9th @ Houston WIN
Sat 10th Portland WIN
Mon 12th Sacramento LOSS
Wed 14th San Antonio LOSS

Denver’s final record: 43-39

Houston’s next...

We will know by the end of this week whether Houston will make the playoffs, with back-to-back games against Denver and Utah. The Rockets have two games against teams at the bottom of the Western Conference before those games. Houston has four games in the next five days starting tonight against Golden State, which will test how they’ll deal with trying to snap a losing streak, as well as the pressure of teams threatening their playoff hopes.

Here’s how I think Houston’s remaining schedule will go:

Tues 6th @ Golden State LOSS
Wed 7th @ LA Clippers WIN
Fri 9th Denver LOSS
Sat 10th @Utah LOSS
Mon 12th @ Seattle LOSS
Wed 14th Dallas LOSS

Houston’s final record: 43-39

Next we move down I-5 to Portland...

With six games left in the season, they have the hardest schedule of all the teams fighting for the final spots in the West. Two games against both San Antonio and the resurgent L.A. Lakers will all but bury the struggling Blazers. This is the perfect example and reasoning for why the NBA is restructuring the league next season. The Blazers are in third place in the Pacific Division and aren’t going to make the playoffs, but six of the seven Midwest Conference teams are going to the playoffs.

Here are my predictions for the rest of Portland’s schedule:

Tues 6th @ L.A. Lakers LOSS
Wed 7th Golden State WIN
Fri 9th @San Antonio LOSS
Sat 10th @ Denver LOSS
Mon 12th San Antonio LOSS
Wed 14th L.A. Lakers LOSS

Portland’s final record: 40-42

Yes I saved the best for last...

The Jazz play only four more games before the season is over with the two hardest teams (Dallas and Minnesota) away from home. They also have the edge of being in the lead. Not only that, but this team has picked up their play after a couple lackluster weeks. They played both LA and San Antonio very tightly and had fourth-quarter leads in both games.

Here are my predictions for the rest of Utah’s schedule:

Thurs 8th @ Dallas WIN
Sat 10th Houston WIN
Mon 12th @ Minnesota LOSS
Wed 14th Phoenix WIN

Utah’s final record: 44-38

This is how I predict the West will seed:

1. Sacramento Kings
2. Minnesota Timberwolves
3. LA Lakers
4. San Antonio Spurs
5. Dallas Mavericks
6. Memphis Grizzlies (wow, that is weird to say)
7. Utah Jazz
8. Denver Nuggets (via tie-breaker)

P.S. Mikki Moore got a double-double in the win on Monday over Memphis with 13 points and 10 rebounds. Someone find me a Mikki Moore Jersey!!!

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