Wednesday, March 24, 2004

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Well, I suppose it's time for another Waste of Space. James' commentary on the latest Griffey situation brought back some memories of my own. Back in '95, I was attending a Friday game with my father, and one of my friends. (He was more like one of my brother's friends... but that would change later this evening.)

My group sat on the second deck in the Kingdome, right field, NO other fans within several sections of our seats (a testament to the Mariners and their bullpen from pre-"Refuse to Lose" times).

I wound up fielding a batting practice home run by one Ken Griffey, Jr. I was going to ask him to sign the ball after the game if I could, but one minor incident would keep that from happening.

Just so happens, this would be the evening Junior would run full tilt towards the center field wall after a long fly ball, jump and joust his arm between the padding. He would injure his arm, somewhat severely, and have to leave the game. (Of course, he STILL caught the ball... AND had a smile on his face... Well, more of a painful grimace-like smile...)

The point is: Junior’s efforts impressed me. I was a baseball fan after that evening more so than ever before. This would lead me back on another occasion or two... Including one evening where we started a "Buzz Griffey" chant to honor Jay Buhner and Buhner Buzz Night. And the privilege of listening to a certain Cubs fan, who shall remain name... ed as James, threatening to fire half of the players on the M's roster with shouts of "I've got your job!" This was due to the fact he had obtained an application to work for the ball-club earlier that day after a pre-game visit to the Mariners’ offices.

Meh, Guess I'm rambling. Other events that night involved my brother angering my mother (by breaking a promise he made over borrowing a van for his Senior Prom that weekend). This led to a showdown between my buddy Red and my brother and his "friends" - the only time of marked note anybody physically tossed me... with ease I might add.

(FYI... Red was a transfer student from Texas. My family un-officially adopted him. He was, and is very protective of my mother. When he championed her cause, he fell out with my brother. A good move on his part, especially since he stayed friends with me.)

Hmnnn.... Since we did some rasslin' commentary, I feel like sharing something I would like to see for all you Cub-lovin fantasy booking fans out there. As WWE recently divested itself of Farooq, one half of the APA, I was thinking instead of giving Bradshaw an ill-fated singles push replete with tasseled boots and a lasso, no doubt, they should have him form a new version of the APA. He should hold a gauntlet of sorts to see who can make it in...

Round One: A Poker Tournament

I'm thinking Haas, Noble, Jindrak, and O'Haire can fit into this scenario to give them a foot-hold, as well as provide fodder for a few younger, newly introduced wrestlers. The best four from the poker tourney would then go on the next week two round two.

Round Two: A Tag Match... From A Slightly Different Point Of View

This would be a fifteen-minute contest with unlimited falls, and I do mean falls.

Each time a team makes a tag, the partner tagging out has to chug a beer before he can get tagged back in. Every time a team scores a pinfall or submission, both members of said team has to chug a beer.

Yup... in true tradition of American pastimes (softball, anyone?). The final two members, Jindrak and O’Haire, then have to "survive" round three.

Round Three: The Bar Room Brawl

The two lucky applicants get to spend a night at the bar with Bradshaw, who, of course, will start a fight between them and the biggest, burliest bar patrons he could find. Often shouting support, Bradshaw would make comments like...

"Watch out for that bottle.”

“Hey! I’m gonna make you pay for wasting that beer later.”

“No, punch him in the stomach... ok, there’s good, too. Not very sportsmanlike though.”

“Not like that. Here, try this bar stool.”

I know, silly idea, but I always enjoyed the APA back when they were getting their push, and having Bradshaw as the heel manager of a new tag team could help stimulate the flagging tag-team division on Smackdown!.

This has been a very large...

Waste of space.

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