Monday, March 08, 2004

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Ok, here's the deal… as a fan of baseball, I am so sick of all the talk about steroids. So, I will not discuss it.

Now, as for my Utah Jazz... it's time to start the discussion.

I am so sorry I ever doubted my boys and now look at them. Although after the trade deadline, I had a great feeling the Jazz would challenge and, if not make the playoffs, at least mess with others plans of ranking.

The one thing that will make my season, other than going to the playoffs, will be watching the Jazz finally beat the Lakers tonight. Yes, I know that is a sad thought, but I’m pumped for it, and you had better believe I will have my TiVo ready and running.

After a four-game winning streak, the Jazz have dropped two in a row. Yes, I know they won't go far in the playoffs if they get there, but it would be great to get a few more Jazz games this season.

So until the end of the season, you can expect to hear me giving updates on a regular basis about how close they are to making the playoffs, and who they need to lose to help them get in.

Ok, now to college basketball…

All I have to say is GO HUSKIES!!! That's right! GO DAWGS!!!

If the Washington Huskies don't make it to the dance after blatantly blemishing Stanford’s once perfect record on Saturday, I will boycott the whole tourney.

No pools, no TV, no TiVo… No March Madness for Skippy.

They can't deny the fact UW was the ONLY team to beat Stanford, although many came close (in their previous game, for example, where Washington State University led with only seconds left and only lost and due to a VERY lucky three pointer).

Now on to womens basketball…

In NCAA Division II, the Central Washington Wildcats have every right to be pissed off, if something doesn't change in the way their conference gets playoff bids (the top-eight teams in the rankings make the NCAA Div. II West Regional).

They have a better winning percentage than the fifth-ranked team in their conference, yet they finished ninth in the rankings! What is wrong with this picture?

I'll tell you, college sports rankings SUCK!!! Yes, I will say it. They SUCK.

NCAA football goes through this every season, and now basketball is getting just as bad.

Let the teams with the best winning percentage battle for the championship. The NCAA needs to step in and even out the schedules so that there is no more “who beat who” and “who lost to who”.

Have you ever seen anything like this in any pro sport? NO! You never will either. The schedules may not all be the same "strength", but it doesn't matter. They play the games and the teams with the best record goes for the championship.

Well, I know this has been a long post (for me) and a little scattered, but these feeling needed to be expressed.

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